"Small But Perfectly Formed", We bring with us the uniqueness of its own, linked to concept creativity regarding development and designing of websites like no one else does. Also specializing in Human Resource Management which is the most strategic and valued asset of any company.

Our mission is to touch the horizon where our capabilities may successfully meet the requirement of our clients, that too with ultimate transparency and cost effectiveness..

Virtual Offshore Captive Center

A concept that we transformed

“VOCC is our unique client engagement model that places the client into the shoes of the owner of an ‘Offshore Captive Centre’ without actually having established the same in the Offshore Jurisdictions.

The traditional outsourcing model (Process-Centric Outsourcing) has been transformed by us into “Virtual Offshore Captive Centre” for our clients to enable them to retain control over process/project management and robust governance besides substantial cost savings. This Engagement Model encapsulates all the advantages of ‘Offshore Captive Centre’ as well as conventional ‘third party outsourcing’ without undergoing the perils of setting up its own entity in offshore jurisdictions.

Our Key Clients